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Every home brewers dream is to have the perfect home brewing stand to help you brew the best batch of homebrew possible! WestCoastBrewer.com knows this and this page features information on brew stands, stainless steel homebrewing stands, brewing racks, home breweries and BrewSculptures. When you make the step up from extract beer brewing or BIAB brewing to all grain home brewing, you need a different set of equipment to accommodate it. The listed home brewing stands are complete, three-vessel, three-burner stainless steel all grain home brewing stands that come in a variety of configurations, allowing the brewer to pick the one that will work best for their needs. Whether you want to brew five gallons or twenty gallons, want to use pumps or gravity, want your sculpture to be single tier or multi tier! Click on the image of the link for additional information on how to purchase one of these stainless steel home brewing stands

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Turn-Key Home Brewing Stands

Single Tier Stainless Steel Home Brewing Stand!
Estimated Retail: $6495

This is the West Coast Brewer, top choice for a home brew stand. This single tier stainless steel home brewing stand is MoreBeer.com's most popular variety and may be equipped for either ten-gallon or twenty-gallon home brewing batch sizes. They offer three different models of the Single-Tier BrewSculpture: Standard , Digital and Digital Deluxe. MoreBeer builds this home brewing stand for use with propane gas, however it can also be configured to use your homes natural gas line. Click the link or image to order one.

Stainless Steel Single Tier Brewing Rack
3 Tier Tippy Dump Homebrewing Stand!
Estimated Retail: $3600

The Tippy-Dump Stainless Steel BrewSculptures \ 3 Tier Home Brewing Stand is an advanced and compact style home brewery. You can empty out your entire mash tun when it's full of spent grain by simply tipping it over! The Tippy-Dump mash system allows a single brewer to quickly and easily dump their spent grains down a stainless steel chute speeding up the cleaning process! This stainless steel home brewery can be purchased to produce either ten-gallon or twenty-gallon batch sizes, and utilize one pump and gravity during the sparging process. This home brewing stand comes in three different models: Standard , Digital and Digital Deluxe. Click the link or image to order one.

Stainless Steel 3 Tier Tippy Dump Brewing Rack
3 Tier Gravity BrewSculptures!
Estimated Retail: $1,299

This stainless steel gravity fed home brewing stand is a classic space saving home brewery configuration. This stainless steel brewing rack has a shelf and burner for every kettle so it's not necessary to lift a hot kettle above your head after heating the water up on your ground level burner. These gravity base home brewing sculptures are only available with fifteen-gallon kettles, which allow the brewer to brew between five and ten gallons per batch. Click the link or image to order one.

Stainless Steel 3 Tier Gravity BrewSculpture
Blichmann TopTier 3-Tier Home Brewing Stand
Estimated Retail: $530

Like all Blichmann products, thier TopTier Homebrewing Stand is well designed and durable. This brew stand offers a ton of flexibility and is compatible with existing Blichmann products such as their kettles up to 21" in diameter and up to 30 gal, so that you can use your current brewing hardware if you currently own Blichmann brew kettles. This flexible setup also allows you to mix and match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your personal needs and individual home brewing process. Best of all the Blichmann brew stand quickly breaks down for storage if you do not have allot of space available.

Blichmann Home Brewing Stand
PicoBrew Zymatic Machine
Estimated Retail: $1,999

The PicoBrew Zymatic Machine is one of the easiest to use all grain home brewing rigs available. This simple and compact home brewery allows for efficient home brewing without all of the mess and complexity of some of the larger alternatives. The Pico Brew Zymatic Machine is the first of its kind and is a fully automated all-grain homebrewing appliance that allows the user to brew top quality craft beer at the push of a button.

Pico Brew Automated All Grain Brewery
Blichmann BrewEasy TurnKey Home Brewing Stand for BIAB
Estimated Retail: $2,025

The Blichmann BrewEasy, stainless steel brew in a bag home brewing stand is a newly designed ultra-compact home brewing system. This brewing stand allows a home brewer to brew all grain batches with a minimal amount of equipment. The Easy Brew stand utilizes a two kettle recirculation infusion mash system called the Kettle-RIMS process that is simple to use and makes it easy to make the switch from extract brewing. This stainless steel brew stand provides all the simplicity of a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system, but eliminates the cloudy wort, mess and has dramatically improved efficiency! This Turnkey home brewery includes all of the necessary equipment to produce 5 gallon batches and there are also 10 gallon and 20 gallon versions available.

Blichmann Home Brewing Stand
Stainless Steel Home Brewing Stand
Estimated Retail: $1,299

This is a single tier, all welded 2" squared stainless steel tube frame construction Brutus home brewing stand. It includes 3 hp cast iron burners that are connected to one chamber for a 30 psi propane regulator with stainless steel hose via the Banjo Burner Orifice. It features legs with 2 rolling industrial casters and 2 locking industrial casters. It is a great choice for a low cost stainless steel home brewing stand where you want to utilize your existing kettles and pumps. Click the link or image to order one.

Stainless Steel Home Brewing Stand
Ruby Street Homebrewing Brew Stand

The Ruby Street single tier homebrew stand features all welded steel tube frame construction with an industrial powder coated finish on the frame. It's burner grates are finished in black with a 2000 degree industrial coating, has stainless steel flexible gas lines and a propane regulator including 4' stainless braided hose. This home brewing stand also includes magnetic drive pump(s) with stainless steel drip shield and stainless steel outflow control valve(s). The Ruby Street's unique brewing rack design allows it to stand on its end for easy storage!

Ruby Steet Homebrewing Stand
Mega Ruby Brewing Stand

The Mega Ruby Home Brewing Frame included pump(s) and burners. This homebrew stand supports 30 gallon kettles allowing you to brew 20 gallon batches and features an all welded steel tube frame construction with an industrial powder coated finish on the frame. The burners on the Mega Ruby stand are large 10" banjo burners and have been outfitted with wind guards for higher performance. This home brewing stand also includes magnetic drive pump(s). The Ruby Street's unique brewing rack design allows it to stand on its end for easy storage and fits easily through a 30" doorway!

Ruby Steet Homebrewing Stand
Inexpensive Homebrew Stand - 15.5 Gallon
Estimated Retail: $1,299

This homebrew stand is an inexpensive turnkey 15.5 gallon all grain home brewing system. It features recycled stainless steel kegs used as kettles and allows you to brew 12 gallon all grain beer batches. By default this brew stand comes with one pump to be used on your mash tun but requires manual sparging unless a second pump is added. This home brewery setup features optional upgrades allowing you to add an additional port to your hot liquor tank and boil kettle for installing a thermometer. This homebrew rack also comes with a 220,000 BTU 3 burner system to help you heat your water and wort quickly!

Ruby Steet Homebrewing Stand

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